Southern 16: Phylodiversity in space and other cool techniques

Methods in ecology in evolution has been recently posting a series of articles and blog posts from the Southern Hemisphere Connections conference in Chile (“Southern 16”), including one from a good friend of mine Nick Beeton. How I wish I was there! The link to the blog is here:¬†

One particularly interesting article (other than Nick’s!) was by Shaun Laffan and Andrew Thornhill on a tool (named rather uninspiringly as ‘biodiverse’) that links phylogentic diversity indices to geographic space. The user interface looks great and I like how you can add any index to the program – which is great because I usually prefer the Helmus et al PSV/PSE (see previous posts) rather than the indices they mention in the blog atleast. One future upgrade they are working on is a way to re-scale phylogenetic trees when you hover over a geographic cell – this would be great if they can pull it off. I’m looking forward to having a play around withe the program to see what is possible.