Results are in!

If you were wondering what the results were from our survey asking about journal solicitations from preprint servers the link is below.

Basically, even though our sample was biased to people reading blogs and/or Twiiter, it seems like there is reasonable support for journals to solicit papers from preprint servers. This was particularly true for early career folks unsurprisingly….

Molecular tools and community ecology: Great special issue in Molecular Ecology

How can we use molecular tools to better understand community dynamics? This is but one of the questions that the recent special issue in Molecular Ecology delves into. This issue focuses on ecological networks where species are the ‘nodes’ and edges represent interactions between species. What I particularly like about this collection of papers is the breadth of taxa from aquatic to terrestrial as well as the breadth of interactions captured from predator-prey to host-symbiont. Most of these communities are hard to observe in nature (i.e. the organisms are small or nocturnal) so thus molecular tools are really the only option.

Lots to learn from this interesting set of papers!

Here is the link: