Advances in phylogenetics: Another really interesting virtual issue.

The title should be advances linking phylogenetics to ecology/diversity, but nonetheless this is a a really nice collection of papers in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. I know, I know  – I’m  behind as this was launched in June ! I offer the lame excuse that I’ve trying to get my head into epidemiology and how a community ecologist can help understand pathogen transmission.

As all the papers were interesting, It was really difficult it was hard to choose highlights, but some standouts were (in no particular order): multigene barcoding (Chesters et al.), functional and phylogenetic similarity (Pavione&Rocotta),  convergent evolution (Arbuckle et al.).

One thing that has been annoying me slightly are the papers that propose yet another species, functional or phylogenetic diversity index. Obviously correctly characterizing components of diversity is important, but I feel that there is more work of the indices rather than actually getting out there and measuring the dimensions of diversity. Maybe I’m just reading the wrong journals….

Anyway, here is the link:


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