Conservation Biology goes double blind

Conservation Biology has gone to a double blind review system – so the reviewers do not know who the authors of the perspective paper are! This is good news as it should help alleviate any perceived (or otherwise) bias towards researchers/institutions etc.

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Interesting technology

I’ve always been interested in ways to gather data about habitat complexity – it is of obvious importance to many different organisms, but is complex (no pun intended) ┬áto measure quantitatively…… until now (maybe). Kamal et al (2014) in an article published in┬áMethods Ecology and Evolution, have used X box Kinnect sensors in a really interesting way and I think have gained a nice measure of complexity – Fractal dimension (yet another FD!). According to the paper – the higher the FD the higher the structural complexity – I would be interested to see how this works for myself. To the authors credit they use cheap components and free software to calculate this measure, so next time I’m in the field I may give it a go.

Here is the link: