Publishing work on invertebrate ecology

As I prepare manuscripts to publication at the closing stages of my PhD, it’s heartening to see that journals such as Animal Ecology recognise the decline in entomological work being submitted I wouldn’t be surprised if the author of this article is right in suggesting that editors do have a bias (conscious or subconscious) away from invertebrate taxa. Personally, I’ve been rejected from these types of journals for reasons such as “beetles are to specific, you should broaden to all arthropods”. As this is clearly a ridiculous statement considering the staggering diversity and importance of the group, the subtext was clearly “we are not interested”. I also agree with the authors that funding bias, towards fluffy animals in particular, has something to do with the decline in entomological publications.

As invertebrates clearly dominate worldwide animal abundance and diversity, I actually believe that invertebrate community ecology has can start answering some of the bigger ecological questions. It’s just a matter of convincing editors (and funding bodies) that this is the case.